Pulverized Shiny MetalTechnic Wiki

It is created by pulverizing a Shiny Ingot or Nether Platinum Ore in a Pulverizer, and it also has aGrid Copper Ore (Thermal Expansion).png

Pulverized IronTechnic Wiki

Pulverized Iron is the result of pulverizing Iron Ore in a Pulverizer forRF. It can be smelted in any type of furnace to produce Iron. Iron Ore. Pulverized IronWood Chips. Ores. Grid Copper Ore (Thermal Expansion).png

Pulverized SilverTechnic Wiki

Pulverized Silver is created by pulverizing Silver Ore, a Silver Ingot or Nether Silver Ore in aOres. Grid Copper Ore (Thermal Expansion).png

Pulverized CopperTechnic Wiki how to make pulverized copper ore technic

Pulverized Copper is created by pulverizing Copper Ore, a Copper Ingot or Nether Copper Ore in a Pulverizer. It is used to smelt a Copper

PulverizerTechnic Wiki

Pulverized ores can be cooked in the Induction Smelter, Redstone Furnace tofor the same output, or have primary and secondary products output to the . Nether Copper Ore, Pulverized Copper (x4), Netherrack,%,.

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The article Copper Ore is still unfinished and may be lacking detailed general informationCopper Ore contains information about the Industrial Craft mod.

Copper Ore (Thermal Expansion)Technic…

Copper ore, as added by Thermal Expansion ore generation, is found inSmelting the ore creates Copper Ingot, while Pulverizing the ore

Copper OreTechnic Wiki

Can be refined into a Copper Ingot. Copper Ore clusters in Tekkit. I have found the absolute lowest level that a cluster of Copper Ore will spawn at is layer

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How fun was it in classic modpacks, as Tekkit, when there was onlyWhat if one mod adds say copper ore, with a twist, in that it has unique drops?If you make every mod rely on one form of common ore type, that removes this potential. . if you pulverize andifferent coppers they both come out as the how to make pulverized copper ore technic

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Dusts are gained from Macerating their respective ores. With the exception of Coal, whichYou can also craft them from tin and copper dusts. Crafting GUI.png.

SAG MillEnder IO Wiki

It will produce extra materials depending on what you put into it, for example Iron Ore will produceIron Powder, as well as a chance of

Ferrous Ore (Thermal Expansion)Technic…

Also, there is a% chance to get Pulverized Shiny Metal asPulverized Ferrous MetalOres. Grid Copper Ore (Thermal Expansion).png