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The Quarry is a machine from the Buildcraft mod that allows you to excavate a largeOnce placed and powered, the Quarry frame will automatically be built andIt then builds the frame out of orange &#;pipe&#;.If a chest is mined, the chest will be broken and dispensed out of the Quarry, leaving it&#;s contents

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I&#;m a Tekkit (tekkitmain).2.cx server owner who uses Buildcraftbuild it&#;s frame in the zone as AlexIIL said, if it does build and breaks

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Redstone EngineTekkit In Less ThanSecondsto the other more common materials) you&#;ll be able to build your first automated Quarry .Once the frame is complete, it will spawn a crane-like structure that will begin to mine thethe items into a connected stone, cobblestone, gold, iron, or diamond pipe on its own.

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Why do you want to join: Well I&#;m looking for a decent server to build on that isn&#;t griefed or destroyed and I want to find a decent community to get into SMP with.

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How do I place down the Quarry properly so that this won&#;t happen?It&#;s more reliable to place four land marks in a square.click one of them and if they&#;ve been placed successfully a red cuboid frame will appear. . Browse other questions tagged minecraft minecraft-tekkit or ask your own question.

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The BC Quarry is a machine for strip mining, that means it willstart building ablock high frame in front of it, inside and below which its miningdecide to set it up, keep in mind that the Quarry does its own chunkloading.