Most of Indicia’s products and services are customized for clients. These are essentially demand driven. Indicia often times provides packaged services on a retainer basis, while it also provides additional customized products and services as and when required.

Indicia has been serving both government and private clients for quite some time. It is always open to new opportunities.

Indicia’s customized products and services include:

  • Periodic weekly / fortnightly / monthly reports on general and specific aspects of Indian polity, economy and security (including all strategic sectors)
  • Specialized Monthly Report on DSTI Base
  • Specialized Monthly Report on Indian Internal Security
  • Customized reports for clients, including mapping, due diligence, etc.


Other specialized products and services include:

  • Trends in Indian national defence and security
  • Trends in Indian defence and security industry
  • Trends in Military and Security Expenditure and Capital Procurement
  • Trends in Indian defence scientific, technological and industrial landscapes
  • Indian defence offsets, ToT, industrial partnerships, etc.
  • Procurement and related dynamics
  • Mapping and forecasting
  • Customized reports for clients on specific micro / macro studies, including due diligence tasks
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