Apart from disseminating wisdom for larger good, Indicia also caters to demands from its clients on a variety of issues and topics, which are customized to specific needs.

Indicia’s core domain areas include:

  • Indian Political-EconomyRisk Mapping
  • Indian Industrial Landscape including strategic sectors like DSTI Base
  • Government relations, public affairs


Indian National Defence, Internal Security and DSTI Base

  • Indian National Security Mapping (Polity, Economy, Industrial, Political and Socio-cultural landscape)
  • Indian National Defence Mapping (Armed Forces, MoD, Civil-Military Relations);
  • Indian DSTI Base Mapping (DRDO, Public Sector Industrial Units, Private Defence Companies, Foreign OEMs);
  • Indian Defence and Security Problematic (Public-Private Partnership, Defence Procurement, Defence Offsets, ToT, Joint Ventures, Inter-Departmental Issues, Industrial and related issues);
  • Indian Internal Security Mapping (centre-state relations, para-military and police forces, modernization, procurement, related issues)


Apart from the above, Indicia also undertakes micro-studies / assessments, due diligence and perception management tasks in all the above fields.



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