A Distinct Idea
A Set of Objectives
A Collective Team
A Balanced Capability
A Core and Satellites


A knowledge entity may theoretically be led or pursued by an individual, but it can not succeed in its objectives if collective spirits are missing from its missions.

Indicia is no different. It believes in collective efforts as a guiding principle of survival and excellence.

Indicia is currently coordinated (neither led nor directed in literal sense of the term) by Deba R Mohanty, a leading expert in Indian DSTI affairs with more than 20 years of academic, public policy and professional research experience.

Indicia boasts of a formidable multi-disciplinary team of domain experts. Most of the senior team members are retired from government services with enormous amount of knowledge and practical experience. In addition, the team Indicia also has experienced members from strategic studies research institutions, media, legal and financial professions with interests in Indian DSTI affairs.


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